School Council

Schools Council

Schools Council is an important, useful and effective way for our school to provide leadership development opportunities for our pupils.

It helps the children learn about democracy as they vote for their class School Councillors and they also learn about accountability.

Every year each class elects two councillors, one girl and one boy, to represent their views during meetings.

They help shape and decide how different aspects of the school run. They share their views during meetings which are facilitated and minuted by a dedicated member of staff. Mrs Edwards is responsible for supporting the Schools Council.

During the year they will organise different events such as Fair Trade Tuckshops and cake sales to raise money and awareness amongst the school community. In 2017 they raised money for Arthritis Research and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. These are charities that are very important to some of the children in our school.

In June 2017 the school was awarded the Bronze PADL Award (Promoting Active Democracy Loudly.) This is run by the Cornwall Healthy Schools Team and the ceremony was held at New County Hall, hosted by the Chair and Vice Chairs of Cornwall Council.

Our next goal is to work for the Silver, Bronze and Platinum Awards.

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