All children are legally required to attend school.  It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that children attend school and arrive punctually.

 Please inform the school as soon as possible of the reason for a child's absence. 

  • If you know in advance that your child will be absent you are asked to notify the teacher in writing in advance. Alternatively email the School Secretary.
  • If your child is suddenly unable to come to school you are asked to telephone school on the morning of the first absence before 9am  stating the reason for absence.  There is a telephone answering facility for notifying absence.
  • If no explanation is given regarding your child's absence either by letter or telephone call then a phone call will be made or a text sent or a letter will be sent home requesting information regarding absence.  Failure to give a reason will result in an unauthorised absence mark on the attendance register.

Children may only be absent for illnesses, religious observance, education off site, hospital appointments, or exceptional family circumstances.  Parents should notify the Head Teacher and complete the Absence Request form if they intend to remove the child from school for any reason.  Agreement to absence is at the Head Teacher’s discretion taking into account current Government regulations.

We do ask that children are not absent for holidays during term time as they will miss important teaching input.

Certificates are awarded for outstanding attendance.