Christian Distinctiveness

Religious Education

Bishop Cornish has a reputation for high quality teaching in Religious Education.  We use the Understanding Christianity scheme of work to support teachers in teaching about Christianity and to plan for lessons in World faiths.  In addition to Christianity, the children learn about Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.  

Understanding Christianity is based on the eight core concepts that are at the heart of Christianity.  These concepts tell the 'Big Story' of the Bible.  

The scheme of work is broken down into three elements/strands which are woven together to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive religious education.  We want children to question and make choices about their own religious and spiritual journeys.

The children in our school feel happy and safe  to discuss, challenge and question each others' points of view.  They develop a deeper understanding of faith by building on each unit, through collective worship and through high quality RE lessons.  Children 'learn about religion' and 'learn from religion.'

We hope that this gives you an insight into how important our Christian ethos is and what it means for us to be a Church School.