Special Educational Needs


Special Educational Needs

The school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Nile who oversees pupils with special educational needs throughout the school.  She is also responsible for training the non-teaching staff who help children with special needs.  The Governors have a policy on pupils with special educational needs.  There have been no changes to the policy in the last year.  It is available on request from Reception.

We believe that the inclusion and subsequent integration of children with disabilities enhances and enriches the education of all children in the school.  We believe that this policy promotes positive attitudes to disabled people.  We recognise that to implement this policy, extra resources are always needed.  The school and Education Centre have facilities and access for the disabled.  These have been reassessed and updated over the last few years.  Ramp access has been improved and a disabled toilet provided.  An accessibility plan has been drawn up and is available on our website or on request from Reception.  The school and education centre are fully accessible for any pupil with a disability.

A register of children with special educational needs is kept in school in line with County and DfE guidelines.  Strict procedures are followed and children are placed on the register as appropriate to their needs.

The SENCO meets with the class teachers and an individual education plan is written appropriate to the child's needs.  Targets are set and a plan for assessment and monitoring adopted.  Reviews are held every term.  Parents are fully informed and involved at all stages.  In accordance with the Code of Practice Mrs Emma Nile has been designated as the 'responsible person'.

Every effort is made to provide special attention for children who need extra help, and provision is made for pupils to work in small groups, or individually when necessary.  Computers are also used for special needs work.  Some pupils are provided with a laptop if this is appropriate for their needs.

The school remains fully committed to the aims stated in its Policy for Special Needs of providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all children, including any gifted and talented pupils.  The Governing Body and teaching staff are confident that wherever possible the necessary provision is made for any pupil with special needs.  This provision may take the form of individual or small group work or ancillary support.

The school has regular contact with the LA over matters arising and makes full use of the Learning Support Team for professional advice.  Medical and Social Services are consulted when necessary.  Special books and equipment are purchased for use with children with special needs.

The implementation of our Special Needs Policy has been successful in supporting pupils with physical, learning and behavioural difficulties.  There have been no changes to our Policy for Special Needs over the last year. 

The Mrs Tracey Fletcher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and is responsible for up to date training and liaising with outside agencies. Mrs Vicky Oakes is the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.