Bishop Cornish - a Church of England School

‘Educating for Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity’  

(The National Society 2017)        

Being a Church of England School is the most important aspect of our work and it drives our vision, values, ethos, aims and curriculum. All staff understand, support and strive to create the distinctly Christian ethos of our school with many being practising Christians.

Our school motto is Esteem and Educate Every Child and reflects our calling to serve our children and their families so they can all achieve their God given potential.

We recognise and celebrate that every child is a unique member of God’s family and, by sharing God’s love with all whether pupils, family members, staff, visitors, or members of the community, we hope they will catch a glimpse of God’s purpose for them.

We are a school family which lives out our Christian values through all that we do. Staff and Governors work as a team, actively seeking to provide rich, fun and inspiring opportunities that encourage our children to have enquiring minds that are open to adventure and develop a spiritual awareness. We openly talk about our Christian faith, and all are welcomed and embraced. We are an inclusive school where we support and educate children from faith families and those who are not. Our aim is that they experience something of God’s love on a daily basis.