Friends of Bishop Cornish School


Whilst all parents and staff are members of the PTA there are a group of hard working parents and staff who organise different events throughout the year which bring families together, provide additional fun activities for the children and to raise money for specific projects.

Events that have been organised include Summer and Christmas fayres, Quiz Evenings, Christmas Discos for the children, Auction of Promises, Film Nights, and Beetle Drives. 

Over the last two years alone the PTA has raised money towards our wonderful yurt, new playground equipment for the children, our ‘Scooter Pods’ and resources for our animals as well as all the food for the Year 6 Leavers’ BBQ!!. They provide funds for those ‘little extras’ that cannot always be met by through the school budget.

Each year we raise around £2000 which is always spent on resources that have a direct impact on the children.