Parenting Podcasts - Together for Families

Parenting Podcasts - Together for Families


Some of the Parenting Workers and Family workers from Cornwall Council have put together a series of podcasts covering various topics such as the teenage brain, Staying Calm with a toddler, the importance of routines and even one about the C word – Christmas!!! 


So far, there are seven episodes which are about 30 minutes long and each have three mini topics.

The podcasts are available free via spotify or itunes by following the link below:




They are a great resource for a range of different situations - perhaps if you want to know more but are not ready to sign up for a parenting group, or might want to revisit something you heard at a group.  The advantage of podcasts is that they can be relistened to over and over and can be accessed any time, any place.


Episode 1- Child led play, Support for a Fussy eater and Making autism simple


Episode 2 – Parenting tool box; staying calm with a toddler and discovering how good you are as a parent.


Episode 3 – Picking our battles, the importance of encouragement and the benefits of nature on our health


Episode 4 – Importance of routines; Learn about ADHD and The Importance of keeping active.


Episode 5 - Getting back into a routine, why teenagers need so much sleep and myth busting around adoption.


Episode 6 – Good ways of keeping calm; The teenage brain and we also talk about the 'C word' - CHRISTMAS!!


Episode 7 – Supporting sensory overload, we find out more about the #CETHESIGNS campaign about exploitation and learn more about adoption and hear form some parents that have gone through the process