Military Kids Club Heroes

If your child/children are interested in joining the MKCH Choir, please see the flyer below,  and also the endorsements here from some parents showing how the choir has helped their children.


Parent: Choir has helped my child to meet new people who knew how she was feeling when her dad was deployed.  I know she looks forward to Wednesday and meeting her friends from choir.  She has had the opportunity to meet so many people during the events that the choir has participated in.  My son has changed a lot since he started choir, from a fidgety boy to one that can stand still and sing when needed and enjoy the company of others.  He also enjoys choir and the times that they sing in events.  

I have been able to make friends with other parents that know the troubles of having their other half away for such a long time.  Knowing that you are not the only one going through the stresses of deployment and children.  I have a laugh with the other parents, and always feel that I can talk to Heather  and Jono if I need any help.

Member response: It's nice cos you get to meet up with other children who know how I feel when dad's away.  I enjoy singing and helping the younger children who are a bit afraid and nervous.  I enjoy meeting the mayor and mayoress. I enjoy signing at concerts.

Parent response: Since joining MKC and the choir my daughter has grown in confidence and made lots of friends which has helped her within her school life.  She will now get up and speak freely within the school environment and choir.  She had the pleasure of representing MKC as a senior Ambassador giving a presentation to hundreds of members at the RBL Annual conference in Belfast, this was a fantastic experience/opportunity for her.  She loves being part of MKC and the Choir as everyone knows how she is feeling when her dad is away as they have also been through this.  

Parent: Singing in the choir helps my son to improve the sense of belonging, to have a positive sense of community.It builds his confidence, gives courage to express himself. ..Just the fact that he is in such an amazing environment for an hour ...with exceptional teachers and brilliant colleagues means so much for him . I will give him as long time as is necessary to become a star!!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My son told me  that he loved to meet military people. Now he is working hard to receive a certificate or a medal! To improve his skills he is ready to join the school choir from September! The choir means singing, joy, happiness, laughter, determination ,confidence, dreams and a modus vivendi.

The Saltash Mayfair has asked Military Kids Club Heroes to join in the Parade of Youth at the Saltash Mayfair on Saturday 5th May. 

We need to assemble at the Saltash Guildhall at 0930 for a prompt 0945 start. We will parade up Fore Street and into Longstone Park. We will have a Standard Bearer to lead the group of MKCH so it would be fantastic to see as many children as possible joining in. 

We appreciate that some children will want to parade with Cubs, Brownies etc but it would be really encouraging for the children to get together in a supportive group and show the town that although there are various branches of MKCH we are still  'Together As One'.

Please let Mrs Dunbar know if your child is planning to attend.

Many thanks




Here at Bishop Cornish we recognise that there can be unique challenges for young people and families of those who serve in our Armed Forces.

In 2015 the school joined the Military Kids Club Heroes, a national support group for the children of service men and women and their relatives, which works alongside the RBL.  In Saltash and Plymouth there are opportunities for families to get together and for a range of different events.  We also encourage children to attend the formal parades.

The MKC Heroes in Saltash have a standard which pupils from the Saltash Schools carry. 

At Bishop Cornish we have a MKC Heroes group that meets weekly.  Mr George and Miss Edlin run this lunchtime club for our younger children from Reception to Year 3.  We will be developing this provision over the next few years.

T. 01752 845 463